E3 Talk: What I’m Most Excited For

As E3 wraps up it’s festivities for the 2017 edition, I can say that I’m excited for what’s coming down the pipe.

Being a PlayStation 4 owner and lifelong Sony fan (not fanboy however), I was glad to see new footage for Detroit: Become Human and God of War. I haven’t gotten my hands on Horizon: Zero Dawn yet, but the extra content that they showed makes me want to own it even more, and soon!

But as far as PS4 is concerned, I’m jazzed up for some Spider-Man! With 2018 given as a very vague release date, it’s clear from the footage that the game is shaping up quite nicely. The combat looked slick, with obvious influences from the Batman: Arkham games. Using stealth, melee, and swinging from perch to perch seamlessly looked easy to pick up, but difficult to master. I’ve also gotta give a shoutout to the costume design. I really like the white spider and the way the eyes on his mask narrow and open up to convey emotion.

For Nintendo, it’s very easy for me to say that even though Metroid Prime 4 was announced – along with a new title for the 3DS coming in September subtitled Samus Returns – the title I’m most excited for is Super Mario Odyssey. The game looks gorgeous with its art style, and the gameplay mechanic of using your hat to inhabit their bodies like some weird specter is pretty cool and unique. Besides sticking to its platforming roots, Odyssey looks like a very different and special entry in the series. I just hope it doesn’t get delayed and that Nintendo can stick to the October 27 date that they have set for this year.

I think the only company that may have bungled and stumbled their conference a bit at E3 was Microsoft. I don’t like the name or price point for what was Project Scorpio. They need to gain ground on Sony, and releasing an iterative upgrade system – now known as Xbox One X – for $499 US is pretty steep in my opinion. At the very least, they should’ve called it the Xbox One Elite. That name would convey the purpose of the system better in my humble opinion. They had the 360 Elite, the Elite controller, so why not continue that branding? I don’t get it. However, I’m also not a member of their board or in their marketing department, so we’ll see how it fairs. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but from what I could tell, it seemed like the difference between the X and the PS4 Pro is negligible, and they didn’t show anything that makes me say “I need the Xbox One X to play that!”

Well, that’s a wrap on the big stuff for me from E3. I hope you enjoyed the conferences and the shows the publishers and hardware developers put on. It’s always a treat.

Keep on playing.

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