This Odyssey is Quite the Trip

Super Mario Odyssey finally came out for the Nintendo Switch on October 27 worldwide. I myself had it preloaded on my Switch; it was the game I have been looking forward to the most – even more than Breath of the Wild.

When the 27th of October finally hit, I was transported to a new adventure of platforming, goomba stomping, and discovering hidden treasures and secrets.

About three weeks later, I can confidently say that Odyssey is my favorite game this year. It hits all the right notes for what I enjoy about video games. It introduces something new on a familiar formula with Mario’s hat capture technique. The game’s art direction is absolutely gorgeous, and it even has a simple story with a fun payoff at the end.

The game symbolizes the magic that is Nintendo, both as a company that’s trying to make money, and as a creator of entertainment. The game slapped a huge grin on my face the entire time I’ve played it – even during the most frustrating sequences.

And now that the credits have rolled, I’m excited to continue my journey and find the rest of the Power Moons that are out there to discover. I recently broke the 200 moon barrier, so I know that there are still many more to find, but it certainly feels like I get to find them, not that I have to find them.

For any of my readers, I hope you can scoop this game up and enjoy it as much as I have. It’s totally worth your time and money.

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