This Odyssey is Quite the Trip

Super Mario Odyssey finally came out for the Nintendo Switch on October 27 worldwide. I myself had it preloaded on my Switch; it was the game I have been looking forward to the most – even more than Breath of the Wild. When the 27th of October finally hit, I was transported to a new […]

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Golf Story Review

I am terrible at golf in the real world. I like to think that I’m generally athletic and I certainly love playing sports, but golf seems to be my nemesis. The harder I try, the worse I do. However, when it comes to golf in video games, I’m quite good! Give me times button presses, […]

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So I Got a Switch…

So the other day I finally found a Nintendo Switch. The ever-elusive new console was in stock at my local Target. I got the red and blue joy-con version, along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a pro controller. I also picked up Mario Kart 8 digitally. After all of that […]

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